First of all, Welcome to You must have found our page by searching for a loft kit or something of the sort. If not, let us tell you a little bit about what a loft kit is and what it does. A loft kit contains an assortment of wood and screws so that it is ready to be assembled. Generally a loft kit has not been assembled yet so that it can be transported easily. A loft kit is most often used in small rooms or places where there is not a lot of space. For example many college students find that a loft kit will not only provide them with more room, but makes the room look more homely too. Loft kits come in all different sizes and colors and can be painted to better match the decor. in the past has specialized in pre cutting wood and putting together the necessary supplies that you need to loft your bed. Unfortunately we no longer have the time to satisfy the demand this needs. In return we have created a set of loft kit plans which we follow to make the loft kits. Check out the sketch of what it looks like on our front page.


Q.Where are you located and how do I get a loft kit?

A.Right now, we are only supplying loft kit plans to Oregon State University students. If you are not in the Corvallis, Oregon region, check back at a later date as we are working to expand in the near future. We will be sure to let everyone know if we are selling plans in other locations.

Q.How much are your loft kits, detachable ladders, and bed rails?

A.Sorry we longer sell loft kit, detachable ladders, or bed rails. We do sell loft kit plans which will allow you to make our popular loft kits.

Q.What tools are needed to assemble the loft kit?

A.All you need is a drill. To make the loft kit, a saw, (hand saw, chop saw etc) will be needed.

Q.Do you supply the tools to assemble my loft kit?

A.No we do not supply any tools. Most dorms though offer drills for you to use so that you can put them together. However we highly recommend that you bring your own because move-in-day is always a busy one!

Q.What schools do you supply your loft kits to?

A.We only supply our loft kit plans to Oregon State University students or those in the Corvallis, Oregon reigon who want to pick one up.

Q.What mattress do you use on the loft kit and where do you get it?

A.Our kit only lofts Oregon State University bed frames. The mattress that you will be using is supplied from OSU. You can bring your own mattress however our loft kit will not support it or any other bed frame.

Please contact us for any other questions that you might have. We want to make this process go as swiftly as possible for you so that you have one less thing on your mind at move-in-day!