Return Policy:

All sales are final on all of our loft kit plans. We will not accept refunds or partial refunds for the purchase of any of our items whatsoever. If you have questions regarding the plan let us know and we'll be glad to help out.


By using this loft kit plan, or any other plan found on our site, you are agreeing to the below terms.

We are not responsible for what you do with your loft kit; this includes the building and construction of the loft kit, what happens to, on, or near the loft kit before and or after construction. We are only providing  a recommend plan and are no way liable for the manufacturers’ items which include wood and screws that could possibly be substandard or prone faulty. You are using this plan at your own risk, we have not tested the strength or structure stability of our plans.  Since Collegeloftkits cannot control the quality nor modifications made to the loft, we (Collegeloftkits) will not be held legally liable from any accidents, injuries, or property damage resulting from the use of our loft/s.

There are obvious reasons and connate risks involved due to falling. The risk is much higher when consciousness is limited, impaired, or altered for any reason/s whatsoever. Examples would be from illness, lack of sleep, alcohol, medications or drugs, the inhalation of smoke or fumes, or similar factors that can impair consciousness.

The loft kit is a wood product and will burn when the correct amount of heat is present or if there is a fire. Such a bed using a loft kit could create obstructions that can highly increase the hazards encountered in a fire or in another type of emergency.

By using our (Collegeloftkits) loft kits plans and other products, you have accepted all potential risks and acknowledged that you are taking 100% responsibility of the construction, use, and the potential hazards that could occur while using a loft kit or accessor/y/ies.

All college residence halls have specific requirements regarding the use and placement of lofts and students are required to follow all college requirements for safety.